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About Us

Who We Are

We are the leading provider of movable wall partitions. Moval Systems join forces with industry experts to make your spaces smart and multi-functional.

Our story with movable walls started in 2008. The industry experts established Moval Systems to offer the best solutions to create spaces, smart and versatile. Moval Systems belongs to the group where we have leading companies, Swedish Access Solutions, and Entrar Access Technologies.

What We Do

Moval Systems provides a complete service that allows us to meet our clients’ expectations by addressing each project from concept design to execution and regular maintenance. Delivering high-quality solutions on demand has rewarded us with many valued partnerships within the industry.

Movable wall partitions and sliding walls are superlative solutions to many of the space difficulties that offices and commercial buildings face these days. It offers spaces to be divided easily and efficiently while also enabling them to be restored when more space is needed.

Our professional team can assist you with moveable walls or a flexible partitioning system for the optimum utilization of your space.

Why We Are

Moval Systems has built a strong client base by providing innovative solutions and excellent customer service. Moval Systems specializes in creating cutting-edge space solutions using movable wall partitions and folding wall partitions. Our movable walls are developed to provide a cost-effective and long-lasting solution for partitioning spaces when versatility is demanded.

Each project receives the same first-class service and attention to detail and that has become the cornerstone of our business.

Brand Philosophy

"Customer satisfaction has always been our fundamental principle and we are passionate to have a constant feedback-oriented workflow to accomplish the customer's satisfaction and hence improve the reliability of the brand and quality of our services."

Our Values


Our key promise is honesty, which empowers us to reach our customers' expectations.


We are committed to deliver the finest products and excellent services that satisfy our client’s expectations.


We strive to improve our performance, make continuous growth and deliver on time since we are passionate about what we do.


We value transparent relationships with our customers as they expect from us.


Our team members are always keen to help each other and so they have the potential for innovation and the ability to solve problems.


Our workforce is always learning advanced to enhance their productivity and performance.

let's make your spaces versatile !

Feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help you.

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